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Kathleen Overchuck




Randy Rauch






Kathleen Overchuck

Kathleen Overchuck is a graduate of the University of Florida She also attended the Southeast Center for Photographic Studies. She has been shooting either still photography or videography for over 20 years and loves being behind the camera. 

Kathleen also worked with a fashion designer in Los Angeles and knows what works well for talent on camera. She has an excellent eye for seeing ways a client can improve their on-air performance. She is a great coach and a loving support for anyone coming to American Broadcast Talent. Kathleen has done some on-camera work herself, but her true passion is helping others.

She believes that people need to follow their heart and even if it does not turn out the way you planned, you will never have regrets. That is why she loves working with American Broadcast Talent. This is where she helps peoples' dreams come true. She has met so many clients that were ready to give up on their dreams because they could not get a job with their college tape. Then after the coaching they received and a better resume tape, they received an on-air job. That is what truly makes her happy and that is why she loves doing her job. To help people follow their dreams.

Kathleen is grateful to have worked with American Broadcast talent for almost 10 years. She has helped so many people achieve their dream job. If you would like to contact Kathleen to talk to her more about the television, she would love to help you in anyway she can.

Randy Rauch
Randy Rauch brings over 15 years of on-air television experience to American Broadcast Talent.

Randy saw the need for creating quality resume tapes for talent entering the broadcasting industry.  He also recognized that on-air talent was not getting the proper training from their college,  news directors, agents or co-workers. 

Randy attended Arizona State University and majored in television broadcasting and meteorology.  He set out to conquer the meteorologist and reporting world with his first on-air job in Florence/Myrtle Beach South Carolina.  Since that faithful leap in television, Randy has worked on-air for stations around the county..  While in Tampa, Randy also created his own bi-weekly news segment titled the "Wildside" where he wrestled alligators, flew a fighter jet, visited mountain gorillas in Rwanda, went shark diving and uncovered pythons in the Everglades.    

Randy has worked for ABC, CBS, Fox and his work has also appeared on CNN, MSNBC, Headline News, Weather Channel, ABC World News Tonight and the Associated Press.

Randy loves working with talent, helping find a job and watching their careers prosper.  Watch Randy's on air work



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